About Me


I am Tom Reader, and at Alver Valley Software Limited I offer consulting and contracting in the fields of Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

I have a 2:1(Hons) Degree in Computer Science, which focussed in the final year on AI, including neural networks, genetic algorithms, machine learning and natural language processing.  I have over 20 years’ commercial programming experience.  My professional background is in programming, all the way back to the start of my career in the early ’90s, and like many geeks of my era, the programming goes back much further than that.

I offer – on a contract basis – consulting and programming work in the fields of Computer Vision (especially OpenCV), and other branches of Artificial Intelligence, including Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (e.g. with NLTK), Neural Networks (FANN, OpenANN), Genetic Algorithms, and other Evolutionary Computing such as Particle Swarm Optimisation, Ant Colony, etc.  I write code primarily in C++ and Python.

In the past few years I have worked with a many clients, with work ranging from a couple of hours’ advice, through to long-term projects spanning 6+ years and still ongoing.  I have provided a number of practical, usable, real-world solutions which have gone live, some with large household name companies as part of consumer-facing projects, as well as helping with research and experimentation in a more theoretical way on other projects.

I work almost exclusively from home (South coast of England), where I have my own development platforms for Windows, Linux, and Android.  I am fully used to remote working with all the normal tools:  Skype, Slack, Jira, Git, etc.  I am very conscious of client confidentiality – many of my clients are start-ups or other companies with a new idea, and it’s important to keep it strictly under wraps for the normal commercial reasons and in some cases to allow patents to be granted.  I’m used to operating under Non-Disclosure Agreements, and I believe my network to be a secure environment.

I am available as a contractor to work on computer vision (OpenCV, scikit-image), Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLTK), Neural Network, Genetic Algorithm and other Artificial Intelligence projects.  Please contact me  to discuss your project – email tom [a t] alvervalleysoftware.com.