OpenCV on Google Glass now working properly

Almost exactly a year ago, I was invited by a client to Google’s Campus in London, to attempt to port our app to the new Google Glass device, which was still pre-release in the UK at that point.  As I wrote at the time, our app worked well (and surprisingly quickly), but due to a bug at the device driver level, the images being received from the camera were garbled, so our app wasn’t able to do anything very useful.

We reported the bug to Google and to OpenCV on the day. I am pleased to say that my client now has access to a current Google Glass device, containing the latest drivers – he has just contacted me to inform me that the app works perfectly now, without any modification, and is processing images as intended.

As you can imagine, I’m very pleased to hear this – not only does it prove that our app was working properly in the first place, but it now gives us an exciting new platform to develop computer vision apps on in the future. Watch this space.